Biography - Part 2

News of FuzzFace’s performing talent was spreading fast and What’s On In London proclaimed that "FuzzFace have a fearsome live watch them take London by storm". In May 2006, Oxford’s Shifty Disco released “The Relegation Song” as a download single. Despite limited marketing resources, within 10 days of release Shifty Disco’s Dave Newton described “The Relegation Song” as the label’s fifth best selling download of all time. Determined to at last fulfill their potential, FuzzFace spent the rest of 2006 writing the outstanding set of songs that became “Sound About You”. Recorded live in three 8 hour sessions between Christmas and New Year 2006, the LP was recorded in the loudest room the band could find: the massive redundant fire station at RAF Bentwaters. “Sound About You” finally captures FuzzFace in their full ecstatic, exuberant glory.