Matt explains the thought behind the Josephine E.P.

Adey's and my favourite phrase is: "it's got to have soul." That doesn't mean we want to do Otis Redding impersonations; it means that we want to achieve something that is immediate, earthy and passionate, but not contrived or pretentious - something that has bollocks, something that you can sing and dance to, something uplifting.

We decided that we wanted to capture the growling sound that we get live, and that meant turning amps up and getting taken over by the spirit of things - two things that we tend to do very readily. FuzzFace has only ever had one line up: a drummer who is qualified hypnotherapist and a male escort, a vicar's son who plays the organ, a guitarist who used to be a carpenter until he severed a finger and a bassist who is as straight as a die. We're an unlikely rabble, but we've been mates and have played music together for many years and a major part of our live sets is improvising - not in a self-indulgent jazz odyssey way, but in a kind of gospel, going with the spirit way. Recording live allowed us to improvise, and I think the song "Josephine", which is heavily improvised, is a really nice justification for this approach.

We've all spent a long time enjoying a lot of different music. I believe these recordings are much more than a rehashing of our record collections, I believe they got great character and individuality and I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

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