Produced by FuzzFace
Recorded and Engineered by Matt Simpkins
Mixed by Matt Simpkins with Toby Bull & Adrian Johnson
Mastered by Matt Simpkins with Toby Bull & Adrian Johnson

Backing Tracks
The drums-bass-guitar-Hammond backing tracks were recorded live to tape in a single 8-hour session at a studio in Colchester. Each amp was placed in a seperate room to allow for high volumes with minimal bleed between the microphones. Adey, Mark, Matt & Toby played in a foyer between the rooms, Matt also operated the desk from this space. Hammond, bass and guitar were all close miked, the drums were ambient miked (mics about a foot away) to capture a live, balanced and warm kit sound.

Backing tracks used:

In This Smokey House - Take 7
All The Time - Take 16
The Relegation Song - Take 1
Josephine - Take 2

Overdubs for extra guitars, acoustic instruments, percussion and vocals were made at Matt's house. Colchester Arts Centre kindly allowed the use of their Steinway, which was recorded on site.

Mixing and Mastering
The tracks were mixed at Matt's house over a coffee-fueled period of a month. No Pro-Tools cheating was undertaken: what you hear is exactly what was recorded during the sessions. Preparing the master took a fortnight.

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